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Street and Indoor Parcel Lockers: Next Step in BOPIS

BOPIS stands for Buy Online, Pick Up In Store. It is a retail strategy that allows customers to order products online and then pick them up at physical stores, bypassing the home delivery process. This approach combines the convenience of online shopping with the ability to quickly receive goods at a convenient time and place.

How to receive an online order from a physical store

Traditionally, the purchase scheme under the BOPIS system looks like this:

  1. Place an order online. The customer goes to the store’s website or uses a mobile application to select the desired products and add them to the cart. After this, proceed to placing an order.
  2. Selecting a delivery method. During the checkout process, the “Pick Up In Store” or “Pick Up in Store” (or similar name depending on the retailer) option is selected.
  3. Choosing a store and time.A store convenient for the customer is selected where he would like to pick up the order, and the preferred time and date is also indicated.
  4. Payment for the order.Payment for the order is made online through the available payment methods indicated on the store’s website or in the application.
  5. Receiving confirmation.After successful payment, the buyer receives an order confirmation, which includes information about the store, the date and time when the order will be ready for collection.
  6. Receiving an order in the store. At the specified time, the customer comes to the selected store and contacts the employees or a special order pickup point to receive the goods. The buyer must provide proof of order (such as an e-receipt or order number) to verify their identity and receive the product.

What is the role of Parcel lockers in BOPIS

In the context of BOPIS  self-service Parcel lockers can be used to conveniently and securely receive online orders from a physical store. This is especially convenient for customers who are unable to pick up orders directly from store employees or want to avoid lines.

How it’s done:

  1. When placing an order, select the “Pick Up In Store” or “Pick Up in Store” option. The buyer then selects Parcel locker as the place to receive the order.
  2. Specify a convenient Parcel locker from the list of available places to receive your order and pay for the order online.
  3. Once the order is ready for collection at the self-service locker, the customer receives a notification to the specified contact number or email address.
  4. The buyer comes to the selected Parcel locker, following the instructions from the notification. Typically, you will need to enter a pickup code or scan the QR code from the notification to open the order slot.
  5. Once an order is retrieved from the Parcel locker, it is mandatory to confirm receipt as this may be required to complete the process and ensure that the person has received their order.


The use of self-service Parcel lockers in BOPIS is quite common practice. This is convenient for recipients, since the goods can be picked up at any convenient time without queues. This is also convenient for sellers who can save on staff costs sellers or managers for issuing orders.

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