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Parcel Lockers for HoReCa: Optimization for Business

The development of the functionality of Parcel Lockers – automated cells – makes it possible to use them in businesses where their use was previously unrealistic. Thus, the first Parcel Lockers models were intended only for storing documentation, correspondence and small parcels. Today the situation has changed: there are many companies on the market offering ready-made solutions for automated boxes, for example, those equipped with climate control equipment. This means they can store perishable goods, as well as food and drinks. Obviously, this could not pass by the HoReCa sphere – the hotel and restaurant business.

How can you use Parcel Lockers in HoReCa

Outdoor parcel lockers and indoor boxes in the HoReCa sector can represent an effective tool for optimizing processes and increasing customer satisfaction.

How you can optimize your use of Parcel Lockers in this area:

  • Delivery of food and drinks – optimization of delivery time. Using Parcel Lockers can significantly reduce delivery times, as customers can pick up orders themselves on a schedule that suits them.
  • Improving food preservation. Self-service lockers provide reliable packaging and protection from external influences, which contributes to the safety of food and drinks during transportation.
  • Self-service in restaurants. Ordering and paying via terminals – Restaurants can implement systems that allow customers to place their own orders and pay via terminals within the restaurant, and then receive their food from Parcel Locker.
  • Menu expansion. Automated box chains allow restaurants to expand their offerings by giving customers the ability to order dishes that don’t necessarily need to be prepared on-site.
  • Deliveries outside the restaurant or cafe. Parcel Lockers allow establishments to provide delivery services outside of their main location, thereby expanding their geographic service.
  • Centralized kitchens. The ability to create centralized food preparation locations using Parcel Lockers to optimize food preparation and delivery processes.
  • Systems of rewards and discounts. Introducing loyalty programs linked to the use of a self-service locker network can encourage customers to choose this delivery option.
  • Personal offers. Analysis of customer preference data obtained from orders through Parcel Lockers allows us to offer personalized promotions and offers.
  • Environmental aspects. Reduce Waste – Using packaging designed for Parcel Lockers can reduce the use of single-use packaging and help reduce your environmental impact.

It is also worth mentioning Parcel Lockers, equipped with climate control equipment. That is, if pizza is stored in a cell, then the equipment operates atheating. If, for example, it is sushi (not hot), then the cell cools the food – each order has its own temperature regime. This is very convenient, because you can get hot pizza whenever you want – after all, it will be in good condition all the time.


If you work in the HoReCa field and influence the processes within your business, pay attention to automated self-service lockers. Surely there is a place for their use – in particular, in the delivery sector. This is a fairly modern solution, which small and large businesses are increasingly resorting to.

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