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Facts about Snapchat Planet

A premium, pay-for subscription is being introduced by every platform. These subscriptions provide specific exclusive privileges to its paying customers. Snapchat has released its premium Snapchat+ edition with Snapchat Planets in line with other social media sites. Some of Snapchat+’s features are only accessible to paying subscribers. The snap planets are one such element. Based on how frequently you message each of your friends, they are ranked and compared to planets. Continue reading to find out more about Snapchat Planets:

What is Snapchat Plus?

Customers can access a lot of extra features through a premium subscription called Snapchat+. Users must subscribe for a monthly charge in order to utilise Snapchat Plus and its additional features. The ability to modify the app’s icon, the opportunity to see who has rewatched your story, and the ability to add certain individuals as BFFs are some of the more exciting features of Snapchat+.  For its Snapchat+ subscribers, Snapchat has officially unveiled the snapchat planet order. It should be emphasised that despite what the monthly membership promises, you still have to endure advertising.

Snapchat Planet Order Planning

Each planet represents a distinct place on your list of Best Friends when you tap the badge on Snapchat. On Snapchat Plus, the Snapchat Planets Order will include your closest pal. Users can access this function by clicking on the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badges with the gold border. If you have a Snapchat Plus subscription, you will see a gold ring around the ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Friends’ badge on the friendship profile of another Snapchat user. If you call them your “best friends,” it signifies that you are your close friends. When you refer to them as “friends,” you are one of their eight closest friends, but you are not at the top of their list of friends on Snapchat Planet.

What Does Friend Solar System Mean?

If you’re talking about the solar system in actuality, you must be aware that every planet revolves around the sun at a set distance. In Snapchat Plus, you seem to be the sun of the friend solar system. The person who has shared the most streaks with you will be referred to as Mercury on Snapchat Planet and will appear in the top position. The rest of your friends will go through the similar procedure and be classified as other planets. The planet order on Snapchat is based on how frequently you share streaks with people and how close you are to them.

Snapchat Plus Planet order

Your friendliness is reflected in the snap planet order. Keep in mind that for Bitmoji to function, both of your closest friends must link it. Both must be among each other’s top eight pals for them to be considered best friends. The rest of you will be there as pals if one of you isn’t present. The eight of your closest friends are then ranked from nearest to farthest away by the Snapchat+ planets using the solar system. When you click “Best Friend” to examine your rating, they will show up as the Sun and you will show up as a planet. You are that person’s closest best friend if you are a Mercury. Each planet is represented by a different Bitmoji.

Mercury: Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, and as a result, it is displayed in front of the user with whom you have shared the most streaks on Snapchat. He’s also thought of as your very best friend. Its signal is a “Pink planet” with a red heart.

Venus: Venus comes after Mars on Snapchat’s list of planets. The friend username of your second-closest buddy, with whom you have shared the second-most streaks, serves as a means of identification. The words “Beige planet with blue, yellow, and pink hearts” will be used as its logo.

Earth: On Snapchat, the person is referred to as Earth’s third-closest buddy. It is depicted as a “green and blue planet with red hearts and the moon”.

Mars: Mars is the next planet, and in the hierarchy of the planets, it is the fourth closest friend. Its emblem is a “Blue heart” with a blue heart.

Jupiter: The fifth planet, Jupiter, is apparently your fifth-closest Snapchat friend. This “orange planet without hearts” is how it is characterised.

Saturn: Saturn, which is pictured as a “yellow planet with a ring,” is the sixth-closest friend in the snapchat plus planet list.

Uranus: Seventh planet in the solar system. The bitmoji next to Uranus refers to the seventh-closest friend. This emoji would be displayed on the “green planet without hearts.”

Neptune: Neptune is the eighth planet in the solar system and displays your eight closest Snapchat friends. 

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Buy Snapchat Plus if you want Snapchat’s greatest friends list planets and other paid features. You may customise your Snapchat experience with a number of extra features, such as Snapchat planets. If you want to test it out before deciding whether to use it or not, there is a 7-day free trial option available.

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