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Some Tips To Maintain a Neat House With Closet Systems

Closet systems can help you keep your closet clean and orderly. You can purchase shelving online and install a built-in system. Plastic bins, however, are not a good substitute. A better option is to use canvas shelves, which look minimalist and clean but can hold three sweaters each.

Clean Your Closet Regularly

Closet cleaning shouldn’t be something you put off for another day. You should do it regularly. At least twice a year is ideal, ideally between the warmer spring and summer months and the cooler fall and winter months. It’s also good to declutter your closet seasonally, donating on-trend items that are no longer in use.

To make cleaning your closet easier, organize items logically. Put everyday clothes close to the front and put out of season clothes in the back. Also, to keep your closet tidy, store clothing and shoes separately.

Subcategorize Your Clothes By Type

When choosing a closet system, make sure you choose one that makes sense for you and the layout of the space. It should be attractive and easy to access, and use all available space efficiently. When choosing a closet system, group similar items together for easy retrieval.

If your closet is full of clothes that you never wear, consider donating, selling, or archiving. Archiving is a great option for sentimental pieces. Another great feature of a closet system is its ability to subcategorize your clothing by type. If you have designer evening gowns, you won’t want to store them underneath your tennis shoes. You’ll also want to place party dresses in a place that’s hard to reach. On the other hand, everyday t-shirts and shirts should be located where they are most accessible.

Add a Dresser Under Your Hanging Items

The first step to maintaining a neat house with closet systems is separating your clothes into different categories. For example, you should place bulky items on shelves, and smaller items like underwear and socks on hangers. Then, allocate drawers to specific types of clothing or by purpose. This will help you make quick decisions and not overthink it. It will also help if you label the piles.

Another option to keep your closet clean is to add a dresser underneath your hanging items. This will increase the amount of space in your closet, and will prevent you from tripping over the items that are hanging. Moreover, you will not have to worry about your handbags getting tangled, which is not ideal for an organized closet.

Add a Shoe Rack to Your Closet

A shoe rack will keep your shoes organized and save you space. This accessory will also allow you to see your shoes more easily without having to dig through your closet floor. Shoe racks are available in various styles and can be attached to your closet door. You can also buy one that swivels and holds up to 30 pairs of shoes.

A shoe rack can also help you keep flat and flip-flops off the floor. Its small size allows you to use it as a space-saving addition. Another great option is a bed frame with drawers, which can hold seasonal clothes and bedding. If you have a small apartment, this is especially helpful.

Prioritize Your Storage Needs

You can make your closets more manageable by reducing the number of items you store. This is not the same as purging items that you rarely wear, as you can keep some clothing for seasonal wear. Instead, prioritize your closet storage needs by making use of the space available for items that you wear only once or twice a year.

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