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Characteristics about Snapchat Planets Order

Every platform is introducing a premium, pay-for subscription. Paying consumers are granted specific and exclusive privileges through these subscriptions. In keeping with other social media platforms, Snapchat Planets has launched its premium snapchat plus planets version along with Snapchat Planets. Paying customers can only access some features of snapchat plus planets. Among these are the snap planets. Your pals are ranked and compared to Snapchat Planets based on how often you message them. To learn more about Snapchat Planets, keep reading:

What is Snapchat Plus?

Customers can use the snapchat plus planets premium subscription to access a plethora of additional services. To use Snapchat Plus and its extra features, users must pay a monthly subscription fee. Some of the more intriguing features of Snapchat Planets include the option to change the app’s icon, the ability to see who has rewatched your story, and the ability to add certain people as BFFs.  Snapchat has formally revealed the Snapchat Planet Order for their Snapchat Planets Order subscribers. It is important to note that you will still have to see advertisements, even with the monthly membership.

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Snapchat Planet Order Planning

When you tap the badge on Snapchat Planets, every planet corresponds to a different position on your list of Best Friends. Your closest friend will be included in the Snapchat Planets Order on Snapchat Plus. Clicking on the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badges with the gold border will allow users to use this feature. A gold ring will appear around the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge on another Snapchat user’s friendship profile if you have a Snapchat Plus subscription. You are your close pals if you refer to them as your “best friends.” You are among their eight closest friends when you call them “friends,” but you are not at the top of their Snapchat Planets friend list.

What Does Friend Solar System Mean?

You need to know that each planet orbits the sun at a specific distance if you’re actually discussing the solar system. You appear to be the sun of your friend’s solar system on Snapchat Planets Order. On snapchat best friends list planets, the user with the most streaks shared with you will be referred to as Mercury and ranked highest. The remaining buddies will experience a similar process and will be categorised as different planets. On Snapchat, the planet order is determined by the frequency and proximity of the streaks you share with users.

Snapchat Plus Planet order

The Snapchat Planets Order reflects your goodwill. Remember that Bitmoji requires the linking of both of your snapchat best friends list planets in Snapchat Planets Order to work. For two people to be deemed best friends, they must both rank in the top eight friends of one another. If one of you isn’t there, the others will be there as friends. The Snapchat Planets Order then use the solar system to rank the eight of your closest friends from closest to furthest away. They will appear as the Sun and you as a Snapchat Planets when you click “Best Friend” to view your rating. If you are a Mercury, you are that person’s closest and best friend. There is a unique Bitmoji for each planet.

Mercury: Since Mercury is the planet nearest to the Sun, it will appear in front of the Snapchat user with the most streaks shared with you. You also consider him to be your closest friend. A “Pink planet” with a red heart serves as its signal.

Venus: On snapchat best friends list planets, Venus is listed after Mars. To identify yourself, use the friend username of the buddy who is the second closest to you and with whom you have shared the second most streaks. Its logo will be the phrase “Beige planet with blue, yellow, and pink hearts.”

Earth: The user is referred to as Earth’s third-closest friend on Snapchat. A “green and blue planet with red hearts and the moon” is how it is portrayed.

Mars: The next planet is the fourth closest friend in the solar system hierarchy. A “Blue heart” with a blue heart serves as its insignia.

Jupiter: Jupiter appears to be your fifth-closest Snapchat friend. Jupiter is the fifth planet. It is described as a “orange planet without hearts.”

Saturn: According to the snapchat plus planets planet list, Saturn is the sixth-closest buddy and is depicted as a “yellow planet with a ring.”

Uranus: The seventh planet in our solar system is Uranus. The seventh-closest friend is shown by the bitmoji next to Uranus. The “green planet without hearts” would be the place where this emoji appears.

Neptune: Showing your eight closest Snapchat pals, Neptune is the eighth planet in the solar system. 

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