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How To Maximize Space with Rack Storage

After waiting all winter, the time for summer excursions has finally arrived. Long drives, trips, camping, and heading off for staycations; all of these are at their most possible at this time of year when the weather conditions don’t just permit but encourage them.

So, as we head off with those close to us to explore the world this summer, the logistical but essential question of maximizing our storage will naturally cross our minds. Setting off with your car overly stuffed can be inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst.

With this in mind, it is clear that we must seriously consider how we maximize storage in our cars, so we can maximize what we love so much about hitting the road. However, there’s bad news on this front. Considering the existing limitations, there isn’t a great way to maximize storage space in your car.

Roof Rack Storage Is A Significant Addition.

But don’t despair! Because with the bad news comes the good, just like all good problem solvers, when an answer does not present itself, the solution is reimagining the problem. If you cannot maximize space within your car, you need to increase the available space.

This may sound nearly impossible, but thankfully it is indeed very possible! Through roof rack storage, no less!

Roof rack storage will allow you to bring everything you need without clogging up your car. However, like all valuable equipment, it’s critical to know how to use it. Maximizing your roof rack storage will allow you to bring along everything you need, and here’s how to do just that.

1. Spread out the weight.

When it comes to traveling with a lot of cargo, it doesn’t matter if you’re the captain of a ship, a pilot, or just taking your new car on a road trip; the physics of the situation determines that you must spread the weight evenly.

So in doing this, you will maximize the safety of your journey, but on top of this, when spreading the weight, you will be well organizing your rack, maximizing the ability to bring more belongings. A clear focus on weight distribution will ensure great rack storage.

2. Pack the heaviest items inside the car.

While overloading your car can be dangerous, as aforementioned, it is still not a bad idea to consider packing your heaviest items in the vehicle, especially if they’re reasonably small in size. Doing this doesn’t risk overrunning your roof rack storage’s weight limit. This maximizes safety and allows you to pack more essential items for your trip.

When you consider the best ways to store your critical items, it will get more accessible and easier to maximize your storage; thus ensuring that everything you need is safely stored.

3. Utilize Rack Accessories.

Rack accessories come in many different forms, from roof boxes and storage dividers to the various clamps that will ensure your gear stays secure on your travels. Using rack accessories will keep you organized, so you do not need to worry about misplacing any essential item while making the most available space.

Further, rack accessories add a sense of ease to your travels, making the loading and unloading process far faster.

4. Be sure to plan.

Before you set off on your journey, it will be very wise to understand what you’re bringing, how much of it, and how you are going to go about storing it in your roof rack. Attempts to pack everything you need, remembered items, and a poorly planned roof rack.

Planning well and knowing how you want to store things will always lead to optimized packing. This will also allow you to develop a system you can use routinely. Having a good roof rack plan will mean you won’t return to the drawing board whenever you head off on an adventure.

Make a plan and stick to it; this will allow you to have the most maximized roof rack on the road this summer.

5. Use the vertical space.

Don’t be scared to pack upwards. Installing a taller rack allows you to go further up with your belongings. When attaching your bikes to your roof rack, only a fool would pack them horizontally. Instead, pack your bike vertically, so you can use the rest of the space for other gear, maybe even a second bike.

That being said, be sure to consider height restrictions that you may encounter on your travels.


So, to summarize, by implementing all these tips, you will be able to elevate your roof rack storage game, and you’ll become the talk of the adventure community for your smarts.

Being mindful in your packing ensures nothing will get misplaced and limits the potential for damaged gear beyond the regular wear and tear. Thus, staying organized not only maximizes space but also makes your travels easier, allowing you to focus on what counts–spending quality time out in nature and having memorable adventures.

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