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Pouches, Patches, and More: How NRTs Are Making Smoking Cessation Easier

Smoking cessation is often easier said than done. It’s a struggle against one’s habits and psychological triggers and requires you to develop immense self-control. However, as we’ve explained in Self-Control is Strength, self-control doesn’t mean you immediately deprive yourself and quit cold turkey. If you want to work toward the long-term goal of smoking cessation you must make sustainable, deliberate decisions.

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After all, quitting requires more than sheer willpower because the addictive nicotine causes physiological cravings in the body. Fortunately, nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) have emerged as valuable tools to help individuals develop the self-control necessary for success. If you’re unsure where to start, take a closer look below to help you decide on the right NRT for your cessation journey.

The struggle to quit smoking

Smoking cessation involves combating cravings, enduring withdrawal symptoms, and reshaping deeply ingrained behavioral patterns. Unsurprisingly, these complex factors mean many individuals struggle to quit smoking even after multiple attempts. According to the HHS numbers on smoking cessation, over 50% of smokers try to quit yearly, yet only three in five smokers succeed. This can be linked to the fact that fewer than 1 in 3 adults who attempt cessation use proven treatments.

Studies have shown that using combinations, such as long- and short-acting NRT, can increase the likelihood of quitting. This proves that reliance on self-control alone is insufficient for most smokers, and has resulted in numerous NRTs being developed to aid in cessation.

NRT and smoking cessation

The principle behind NRTs is to gradually wean the individual off nicotine, making the process of quitting less abrupt and more manageable. In recent years, many forms have gained popularity for their ease of use and accessibility.

Nicotine gum

Resembling regular chewing gum, nicotine gum is chewed in the mouth to provide an immediate release of nicotine. This can be found in almost all major convenience stores and can thus be extremely helpful in addressing sudden cravings. In particular, 4mg of chewable gum has been observed to be more effective than 2mg packs. As the pioneer NRT product, however, research on nicotine gum by Nicotine Polacrilex has since found that different variables can affect an individual’s reception to an NRT. This can include an individual’s age and body mass index or the peak concentration of the gum’s formula.

Nicotine pouches

Nicotine gum became a catalyst for the invention of several other modern oral nicotine products. Among these products and gaining significant popularity is the nicotine pouch, now sold online and in convenience stores nationwide. These pouches resemble snus and come in portioned sachets that are placed beneath the lip. Unlike snus, however, these contain zero tobacco, and many major brands carefully develop and market their ingredients. The nicotine pouches from VELO, which can be found on Prilla, contain nicotine that is extracted from tobacco plants and added to a blend of food-grade ingredients. These are then marketed in 2mg, 4mg, and 7mg sachets. Users who require a much stronger dosage can opt for pouches from brands with 12mg or higher catalogs.

Nicotine patches

Besides oral solutions, transdermal solutions are also available for smokers looking to replace their source of nicotine. 2020 research in Trials suggests that nicotine patches may be less effective in heavy smokers because they don’t adequately replace nicotine to treat withdrawal. However, the discreet adhesion of nicotine patches is one of the most convenient and consistent ways to deliver nicotine to the body throughout the day. Therefore, they are often used as long-acting NRTs in tandem with short-acting NRTs such as gum and pouches. Brands such as NicoDerm CQ are also continuously working to create stronger nicotine patches.

As NRTs continue to evolve, the journey towards a smoke-free life becomes increasingly attainable for individuals worldwide. Choose the right NRT product for you today, and your goal of smoking cessation can transform into reality.

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