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Bella Poarch Net Worth, Early Life, Biography, Family, Personal Life and Career

Bella Poarch has rapidly become one of the most influential figures in the social media landscape. Known for her viral TikTok videos and successful music career, Bella has captivated millions around the globe. This article delves into Bella Poarch’s net worth, early life, biography, family, personal life, career, and answers some frequently asked questions about her.

Bella Poarch Net Worth

As of 2024, Bella Poarch’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million. This impressive sum comes from multiple revenue streams including social media, music, brand endorsements, and merchandise sales.

Sources of Income

  1. TikTok: Bella earns significant income from her TikTok account through ad revenue and sponsored posts.
  2. Music: Her music career, especially with hits like “Build a B*tch,” contributes heavily to her earnings from streaming platforms and live performances.
  3. Endorsements: She has lucrative deals with major brands in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors.
  4. Merchandise: Bella sells her own line of merchandise, including apparel and accessories.
  5. YouTube and Streaming Services: Additional revenue comes from her YouTube channel and music streaming platforms.

Bella Poarch Early Life

Bella Poarch was born on February 8, 1997, in the Philippines. She had a challenging upbringing, marked by hardship and abuse. At the age of 13, she moved to the United States and was adopted by an American family in Texas. Her difficult childhood experiences shaped her resilience and determination, which later contributed to her success.

Bella Poarch Biography

Military Service

Before her rise to fame, Bella served in the United States Navy. She enlisted in 2015 and was stationed in various locations, including Japan. Her four-year military service instilled in her a sense of discipline and resilience that proved invaluable in her later pursuits.

Rise to Fame

Bella Poarch joined TikTok in April 2020, quickly becoming a viral sensation. Her lip-sync videos, especially the one set to Millie B’s “M to the B,” catapulted her to fame. This particular video became one of the most-liked TikToks of all time, showcasing her expressive facial expressions and unique style.

Bella Poarch Family

Bella Poarch is relatively private about her family life. She has mentioned her adoptive family in interviews, expressing gratitude for their support. Details about her biological family are limited, and she rarely speaks about them publicly. Bella considers her close friends and fellow influencers as part of her extended family, often highlighting their importance in her life.

Bella Poarch Personal Life

Bella Poarch is open about her struggles with mental health. She has shared her experiences with PTSD and depression, aiming to destigmatize these issues and encourage others to seek help. Bella is also an advocate for mental health awareness and veteran support, using her platform to promote these causes.

In terms of hobbies, Bella enjoys gaming, fashion, and music. She often shares glimpses of her personal interests on her social media platforms, connecting with her fans on a more personal level.

Bella Poarch Career

Social Media Star

Bella’s TikTok account is known for its engaging and often humorous content. Her unique style and catchy videos have earned her millions of followers. She is known for her expressive face, distinctive tattoos, and her ability to connect with her audience.

Music Career

In May 2021, Bella released her debut single, “Build a B*tch,” which received critical acclaim and commercial success. The song’s music video featured other famous influencers and garnered millions of views. She has since released several other singles, including “Inferno” and “Dolls,” solidifying her position in the music industry.

Public Image and Influence

Bella Poarch uses her platform to advocate for mental health awareness and support for veterans. Her candid discussions about her personal struggles and experiences have resonated with many, making her a relatable and influential figure.


1. What is Bella Poarch’s real name? Bella Poarch’s real name is Isabella Taylor.

2. How old is Bella Poarch? As of 2024, Bella Poarch is 27 years old.

3. Did Bella Poarch serve in the military? Yes, Bella Poarch served in the United States Navy for four years before becoming a social media star.

4. What is Bella Poarch’s most famous TikTok video? Bella Poarch’s most famous TikTok video is her lip-sync to Millie B’s “M to the B,” which became one of the most-liked videos on the platform.

5. What are Bella Poarch’s tattoos? Bella Poarch has several tattoos, including a notable one of a rising sun flag on her arm, which she has since covered up after receiving backlash for its historical connotations.


Bella Poarch’s journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a social media sensation and music star is truly inspirational. Her net worth of $12 million reflects her hard work, talent, and resilience. As she continues to evolve in her career, Bella remains a powerful influence, advocating for important causes and connecting with millions of fans worldwide. Whether through her viral TikTok videos, hit songs, or public advocacy, Bella Poarch is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

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