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Ashley Judd Net Worth, Early Life, Biography, Family, Personal Life, Husband, Career

Net Worth

Ashley Judd is an American actress for television and film as well as a political activist with a $14 million net worth. Although Judd is perhaps best known for her numerous acting roles, she has a storied career as a political activist. At various points, Ashley was rumoured to be considering a career in politics, but nothing of the sort ever materialized. She is most known for her roles in the movies “Ruby in Paradise,” “Heat,” “A Time to Kill,” “Kiss the Girls,” “Dolphin Tale,” “Olympus Has Fallen,” “Divergent,” and “A Dog’s Way Home,” as well as television programme like “Missing,” for which she won a Primetime Emmy Award for her work.

Early Life

Ashley Tyler Ciminella was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 19, 1968. Her parents found that she was being raised in Granada Hills by the country singer Naomi Judd and a marketing analyst when she was four years old. Ashley’s mother didn’t start recording successful country music until the 1980s. She grew up next to her sister Wynonna, a country music star herself. Ashley’s mother brought Ashley and her sister to Kentucky, where she was raised, following their mother’s divorce. During this time, Judd went to 13 different schools in Tennessee, Lexington, and Ashland. After graduating from high school, she briefly worked as a model in Japan before continuing her study at the University of Kentucky. She majored in French, anthropology, art history, drama, and women’s studies while she was in college. She graduated, worked at a restaurant, and then drove to Hollywood to pursue acting. In order to be close to her mother and sister, she eventually moved back to Tennessee. A few years later, Judd went back to the University of Kentucky to finish earning his bachelor’s degree. Later, Judd received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Union College.


Celebrated Name:Ashley Judd 
Real Name:Ashley Judd 
Age:54 Years Old 
Date of Birth:19 April, 1968
Birth Place:Granada Hills, California, United State 
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Divorced 
Weight:61 Kg 
Profession:American Actor and a Political Activist  
Net Worth:$25 Million


Parents:Mother: Naomi Judd Father: Michael C. Ciminella 
Siblings:Wynonna Judd
Husband:Dario Franchitti 

Personal Life

A racing driver from Scotland named Dario Franchitti and Judd started dating in 1999.

The two were wed in 2001. After 12 years, they were divorced.

Due to Ashley’s anticatalyst views, which hold that having children is immoral, they never had children while they were together.


Ashley Judd made a guest appearance on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in 1991. She made a recurrent appearance on the television show “Sisters” that same year. She appeared in the 1996 television movie “Norma Jeans & Marilyn.” She again had guest appearances in the television programme Berlin Station and Twin Peaks. “Space Coast to Coast” also included Judd as a guest star. She oversaw the direction of a section of “Call Me Crazy: A Five Film” in 2013. Ashley Judd made her feature debut in 1992’s “Kuffs,” which she also produced. Later, she appeared in the movie “Ruby in Paradise.” She made her film debut in the 1990s and appeared in “Love Can Build a Bridge,” “Heat,” “Smoke,” “A Time To Kill,” “Normal Life,” “Kiss the Girls,” “The Locusts,” “Double Jeopardy,” and “Eye of the Beholder.” Judd has seen “Someone Like You,” “Frida,” “High Crimes,” “Twisted,” “Come Early Morning,” “Bug,” “Crossing Over,” “Tooth Over,” “Divergent,” “Dolphin Tale 2,” “Love is a Verb,” “The Divergent Series,” and “Good Kids” throughout the 2000s and 2010s.

Ashley Judd received the independent Spirit Award for her performance in “Ruby in Paradise” in 1993. The 1993 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards were also won by her. She has been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. For “Double Jeopardy,” She won the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards in 2000. She has been nominated for the MTV Movie Award, the Saturn Award, and the Satellite Award. It was revealed in 2013 that Judd had bought a house in Kentucky. As far as celebrity home purchases go, this was on the lower end of the spectrum because Ashley’s Ashland property only cost $120,000. But since it was the same house her father had formerly possessed, she rightfully scooped up his house out of sentiment rather than for any other reason. In this house, Judd spent a significant portion of her childhood. The publicly is 1,400 square feet in size and has three bedrooms and one bathroom.

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