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Willa Holland Net Worth, Early Life, Biography, Family, Personal Life, Career

Net Worth

Willa Holland has had sufficient time to amass enough cash for herself. Willa Holland has put a lot of effort into becoming everything she is now since she began her profession at the age of seven. The American actress has amassed enormous money thanks to her career’s tremendous turbulence. She primarily derives her fortune from acting. As a result, Willa had amassed a net worth of more than $6 million as of April 2023. She resides in a lavish home. Notably, we are still looking into the specifics of how much money she gets each month and will let you know when we have them. Many young people are envious of the gorgeous and endearing model because she was made a fortune at a very young age. Willa Holland will consequently become richer in the future. Willa Holland has an unquenchable love for her work, which will benefit her. Willa will surely become more wealthy if she puts more effort and emphasis into it. We wish her the best of luck as she pursues her career.

Early Life

The American actress and model was born in Los Angeles, USA, on June 18, 1991. The parents of Willa Holland were the cinematographer Keith Holland and the actress Darnell Gregorio-De Palma. Sadly, her parents divorced when she was still a small child. As a result, the mother wed filmmaker Brian De Palma again. Sadly, after two years, this relationship was a failure and ended. Additionally, Willa grew up with her two siblings, Brianna Holland and Piper Holland. Willa also went to Palisades Charter High School for her education. She sadly left the school after six weeks due to her love for a career in acting.

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Celebrated Name:Willa Holland 
Real Name:Willa Joanna Chance Holland 
Age:31 Years Old 
Date of Birth:18 June 1991 
Birth Place:Los Angeles, USA 
Sexual Orientation:Straight 
Marital Status:Single 
Weight:56 Kg
Profession:American Actress and Model 
Net Worth:$6 Million


Parents:Mother: Darnell Gregorio-De Palma Father: Keith Holland 
Siblings:Piper the Palma, Brianna Holland

Personal Life

It’s unclear whether Willa Holland is dating anyone right now. As a result, we assume that she is single. When it comes to her private life, Willa Holland is very private. But documentation demonstrates that in 2009, she had a love relationship with British actor Toby Hemingway. However, the couple’s love affair came to an end when they were unable to prolong it. Willa allegedly dated Colton Haynes in 2013, but neither party has verified this.


Willa Holla was pushed by Steven Spielberg to participate in shooting activities by her parents, which gave Willa Holla the inspiration to start acting at a young age. Willa signed a contract with the Ford Modelling Agency at the age of seven and started taking photos right away. Willa also worked as a model for Guess, Gap, and Ralph Lauren. After joining a theatrical talent agency in 1999, Holland started to feature in numerous national commercials. She collaborated with her father on the 2001 production of Ordinary Madness. Willa and Rachel Nichols co-starred in the ‘Inside’ fox series before she quit the programme.

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She portrayed April in the indie drama film Garden Party in 2007, and she thereafter had an appearance on the teen drama series “Gossip Girl.” In Legion, Willa Holland’s debut feature from a big studio, which was released in 2010, she portrayed a brattish adolescent. She played Janice Haddon in Straw Dogs, a remake of the 1971 film of the same name, later in 2011. After 2012, Willa Holland also made cameos in other movies, such as The Arrow, in which she acted from 2012 to 2018 for six years. Willa Holland was raised in a diverse environment. Willa had plenty of time to hone her skills because she began her job at just seven years old. She became unbeatable in her career as a result. Her performance in “The World Is Yours” earned her the Spike Video Game Award for the Best Cast in 2006. She later received the Boston International Award for Best Actress in 2012 for her performance in Tiger Eyes.

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