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Why Do People Vabbing at the Gym? What is Vabbing?

You might have raised an eyebrow or two if you recently came across a video on your For You Page that was tagged with the trendy term “what is vabbing at he gym” (also known as vagina dabbing). You’re not alone if you’re confused, so don’t worry. In essence, what is vabbing at he gym is the practice of applying a few drops of your own vaginal fluid as a kind of perfume on body pulse spots, such the neck and wrists, in an effort to attract possible partners. And now, some TikTok users are persuaded that the ideal place to try out this fad is at the gym.

As an example, the practice was recently made popular by TikTok user @jewlieah, who states in a video that she vaped before working out at the gym and received the attention she wanted. She says in a later video that she got asked out by a man who approached her when she was lunging after vaping. With over six million views, her original video has been dueted (compared side by side with other artists’ videos) numerous times, primarily by users expressing varying degrees of scepticism regarding her specific pick-up method.

Although what is vabbing at he gym meaning isn’t always risky as long as you practise good personal cleanliness, doctors say there isn’t much proof that tapping vaginal fluid on pulse points genuinely draws a partner. Allow medical specialists to brief you on the trend below before deciding to give what is vabbing at he gym meaning  a try for yourself.

What is Vabbing?

what is vabbing meaning is applying a small amount of vaginal fluid, similar to perfume, to different pulse points. Ob-gyn board-certified Cynthia Wesley, M.D. says, “Women either swipe or completely insert a finger into their vagina and then apply the secretions to their wrist, behind the ear, et cetera,” among other places. Every day, women secrete between half and one teaspoon of vaginal discharge. Usually, this discharge is white, somewhat hazy, or clear.”

According to the notion, vaginal secretions might include pheromones that draw in possible partners. “A pheromone is a chemical that an animal secretes that influences the behaviour of another animal,” according to Dr. Wesley. “Animals can use these compounds to mark a territory, sound an alarm, or trigger sexual arousal.”

Does Vabbing work?

To put it briefly, it’s unknown if vaping aids in relationship attraction. Oma Fertility fertility specialist Karenne Fru, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.O.G. states that there are no controlled trials that refute the effects of vabbing meaning. “Anecdotes to the contrary are more likely coincidence.” Claims that vaping makes you more approachable to possible partners—especially at the gym—are met with scepticism by Dr. Fru. “Theoretically, vaping depends on smell,” the woman says. “The gym is a place inundated with smells of all kinds, and I’m doubtful that vaginal secretions would be noticed, much less have an effect.”

Dr. Wesley acknowledges that there isn’t enough data to support vaping’s efficacy, but she points to a few studies that show pheromones have an overall positive impact on humans, including a pilot study on the steroid component androstadienone. “Found in the male axillary [underarm] sweat, androstadienone improves mood and heightens focus in women,” she explains.

Though it’s unlikely that vaping would lead to awkward encounters at the gym, Dr. Wesley speculates that “perhaps the improved mood and focus of the women, caused by the androstadienone in the men’s sweat, has improved the women’s confidence, thus making the men more attracted to the women.” Nevertheless, she points out that researchers haven’t explicitly looked into the effectiveness of vaping.

Is Vabbing safe?

Since vabbing meaning basically involves spreading bacteria from the vagina to other parts of the body, Dr. Fru warns against it. (Yes, cells and bacteria make up the majority of the contents of even healthy vaginal fluid.) Furthermore, Dr. Wesley warns that if you have abnormal vaginal discharge or suspect you may have an STD, you should certainly avoid this practice. In that instance, you ought to consult a physician right away.

But according to Dr. Wesley, vaping can be “generally safe” if you practise good hygiene and are positive that you are not infected. Before sticking your finger inside your vagina, make sure you wash your hands and fingernails well for at least 20 seconds. “Wash your hands again after dabbing the area of your choice,” she advises. By doing this, you will be able to stop any dangerous viruses from getting onto your own vagina and other surfaces.

Vabbing is a good way to attract someone at the gym: true or false?

There is presently no scientific proof that vabbing meaning is beneficial in attracting possible partners, whether or not it is something you should do if you don’t have an illness and you wash your hands before and after touching your vagina. Still, if you’d like to try it, Dr. Wesley sees no issues with it. “In general, I love the idea of vabbing meaning,” she states. It’s past time for women to feel comfortable in their most private areas. Vape away, as long as participants are following secure and hygienic procedures!”

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