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Stone Cold Steve Austin Spouse: Biography

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s fourth wife is Kristin Austin, a professional wrestler. In 2009, Steve and Kristin got hitched. Thanks to her well-known spouse, Kristin Austin quickly rose to prominence all around the world. On his well-known podcast, “The Steve Austin Show,” stone cold steve austin supports Steve Austin. She is a co-host, which is a highly significant function.

Kristin Austin 

The United States of America (USA) is Kristin’s native country. Kristin Austin practises her faith. stone cold steve austin prefers to live a very straightforward, peaceful life. It enables her to better manage the flow of her life. Despite being Stone Cold Steve Austin’s current wife, Kristin prefers not to post pictures of her family on social media. She hasn’t even made her place of birth, academic background, or many other important details publicly known.

Kristin Austin Biography

Celebrated Name:Kristin Austin
Real Name:Kristin Austin 
Age:58 Years Old 
Date of Birth:18, December 1964
Birth Place:United State of America 
Sexual Orientation:Straight 
Marital Status:Married 
Height:188 CM
Weight:114 Kg 
Net Worth in 2022:$40 Million


Husband:Steve Austin
Children:Four Kids

Kristin Austin is a stunning white woman. Her eyes are greyish in colour. Blonde describes stone cold steve austin hair colour. Her body is really lean. Her commitment to being fitter than most after four babies is evident despite the fact that she is a mother of four kids. With Lordhair, you may find dozens of human hair wigs to create the hairstyle you desire, even if you have hair thinning or hair loss. For example, if you want a haircut like stone cold steve austin blonde hair but have been having hair loss.

Kristin Austin Net Worth

There is no information in the public domain about stone cold steve austin wealth. The WWE fans are interested in learning even more about her job. Kristin can’t possibly care about money because her spouse is a very wealthy man. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s net worth as of 2020 is estimated to be around $50 million by various sources. It demonstrates that she need not be concerned about money at all.   

Kristin Austin Cars and House

It appears that stone cold steve austin is a great auto enthusiast. Many others throughout the world can only dream of owning some of her treasures. Ford, Bronco, Range Rover, and Bushwacker are a few of the names connected to her wealthy family. A stunning home is owned by Kristin and Steve in Mariana Del Rey, California. He acquired a $1.49 million home in 2017.

Kristin Austin Kids and Pets

Stone Cold Steve Austin and stone cold steve austin have been dating since 2009, although they haven’t revealed the pregnancy. Many WWE supporters want Austin and Kristin to become parents. Kristin had four children before she met Steve and became his life partner. Kristin’s ex-husband was the father of her four lovely children. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kristin Austin have four stunning pets. Both are devoted dog lovers and actively contribute to the preservation of wildlife.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Marriage Life

Steve Austin made the decision to wed Kathryn Burrhus, his high school sweetheart, on November 24, 1990. However, the WWE legend chose to be married again after only two fruitful years. With Jeanie Clarke, who was his coworker in WWE at the time, he began the next chapter of his life. They shared some of their most happy years together, from 1992 until 1999. Austin’s second divorce occurred in 1999.

He started dating Debra Marshall a year later (2000). His third marriage, however, only lasted three years. He then had a six-year hiatus. When Kristin Feres entered his life in 2009, she radically altered his behaviour. Steve Austin is currently feeling far better than he ever has. Fans of Steve Austin got to witness him in a committed relationship for the first time. Almost every WWE fan nowadays wants to see his favourite celebrity live a traditional life in his latter years. Father to three gorgeous kids, Steve Austin. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Movie Career

Rock solid These are the films in which stone cold steve austin spouse has appeared!  Beyond The Mat (1999), The Longest Yard (2005), The Condemned (2007), Damage (2009), The Expendables (2010), The Stranger (2010), Hunt to Kill (2010), Whoop Ass (2010), Recoil (2011), Knockout (2011), Tactical Force (2011), Maximum Conviction (2012), The Package (2013), Grown Ups 2 (2013), Chain of Command (2014), and Smosh: The Movie (2015) are some examples of films that have been released recently. 

Kristin Austin Social Media 

Kristin Austin does not use social media frequently. She doesn’t share her experience publicly on Instagram or other social media platforms. Her Facebook page is not public. It implies that only her actual pals can view her Facebook life. The renowned wives of WWE athletes frequently upload a lot of photos and videos to social media to boost their profiles. She prefers to lead a straightforward life free of all controversy. She currently lends a lot of support to her spouse in all of his shows.

You can only see and learn more about Stone Cold Steve Austin, who is from Taxes (USA), at this particular time. This news may be especially upsetting if you’re a big Kristin Austin fan. Most of us who are fans always want to know what our favourite stars are up to. Kristin Austin can’t be made to appear exceptionally engaged on virtue-based social media networks, though.

Kristin Austin’s husband – Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE

Even now, the mere mention of Stone Cold is sufficient to sell an entire arena in a matter of seconds. The best WWE products, RAW and Smack Down, were made by Stone Cold. Many Stone Cold followers also believe that he is the only person who can compete with Dwayne Johnson, better known by his stage name The Rock, in terms of trash talking. Without Stone Cold, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) would not be the same as it is today. Stone Cold was a true staple of the company. 

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