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Places That Offer You the Absolute Pleasure of Holidaying in Summer with Fresh Air!

Amid the scare of polluted air and ensuing health effects, everybody wants to choose an outdoor place where they feel safe as they breathe and get plenty of opportunities to make their soul happy. In the US, options are endless. A few destinations, such as even the tiniest state like Rhode Island, get the most attention. Tourists flock to this Ocean State in search of exotic beach locales, delicious seafood, and architectural wonders with a rich history. With a land of 1,214 square miles, the island town has just five counties. Still, no one gets enough of it every time they visit and wish to return soon.

Summers can be the best time to visit this place to witness its captivating beauty. But this season can make your travel a little expensive compared to the non-peak times of January through March. Nevertheless, you can follow your summer holiday plan hassle-free. Here are some travel ideas to help you enjoy your time.

The journey in Rhode Island

This erstwhile colonial destination officially became a state in 1790. You can grasp this when exploring the local museums. Art lovers can head to the art museums to find something more interesting for their eyes. If you visit Providence, check out the Brown University campus and drink coffee from a local café. You can also watch a performing arts show at Performing Arts Center. Not your type of fun? Head to Narragansett Beach. If you check the site , this beach’s AQI, or air quality index, is 31. That indicates fresh air level. The stunning beach area will remove all your stress regarding traffic and city noise. 

From there, your next stop can be another clean-air beach like Newport with AQI 41. The destination will give you a sneak peek into mansions representing its economically flourishing days. On the other half of the day, you can relax on the beach, feasting your eyes on scenic beauty. Besides this, you can also try Misquamicut State Beach and Weekapaug. These are also fantastic places with clean air.

Preparing for the Rhode Island tour

Because of the sunshine, crowds pour in here in massive numbers. As a result, you may pay more to enjoy your vacations. If you wish to save your spot on the beach, reach it by six o’clock in the morning. Restaurants will be chockablock, especially those near the shores. Booking your seats in advance will be a good idea. Since it’s a peak summer season in Rhode Island, carrying sunscreen is recommendable. Nights will be reasonably cool but with little humidity. You will feel comfortable in shorts and loose-fitting tops paired with flip-flops. If you stay in this destination for 3-5 days, you will have easily covered most of its best locations. 

Whether you plan your trip to Rhode Island or elsewhere in the US, checking AQI will help. You can freely spend your time outdoors and engage in different activities with your family. Your health will feel better, and there will be less tiredness. When you return home, you will only have the memories of a good time there.

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