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Liver King Net Worth, Early Life, Biography, Family, Personal Life, Career

Net Worth

The anticipated net worth of Liver King in 2023 is $5 million. He is one of the most well-known social media influencers and has built up a sizable fan base in just one year. His nine tenets are supported by the Ancestral Dietary supplements business, which provides the majority of his income. As a bodybuilder, he also makes money through sponsorship and brand endorsement arrangements in the fitness industry, which he advertises on his social media pages. Liver King makes well over $250,000 a year in income, and his wealth is steadily rising. With his wife Liver Queen and the music Savage Liver Boys, he is currently leading a lavish lifestyle. 

Early Life

Brian Johnson was born in Texas in 1977 and is 45 years old. He was a very different person as a child while he was growing up in the state of Texas than he is now. Additionally, he claimed that one of the main reasons he was weak as a child was the early death of his father. Brian moved in with his mother in San Antonio after the death of his father. He experienced a lot of physical abuse and bullying while in school. In the sixth grade, one of his classmates once caught a loggie in his hand before slapping him in the face with it. When Brian started working out while he was in middle school, his real life started to change.

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Celebrated Name:Liver King 
Real Name:Brain Johnson 
Age:45 Years Old 
Date of Birth:7 April, 1977
Birth Place:Austin, Texas
Sexual Orientation:Straight 
Marital Status:Married 
Height:5ft 7in
Weight:86 Kg
Profession:Social Media Influencer
Net Worth:$5 Million


Wife:Barbara, Aka Liver Queen
Children:Yes, (2) Sons

Personal Life

The Liver King, also known as The Liver Queen, is happily married to Barbara Johnson.

Rad and Stryker are their two young sons.

He frequently makes films while working out, consuming raw meat, and various animal organs with The Liver Queen and Liver Boys.

He and his wife regularly exercise, and their children take pleasure in joining them. 


Brian was urged to start exercising by one of his mother’s lovers. Brian suggested using the weightlifting bench that this man had, so he got to work out. Brian quickly fell in love with the attention he was starting to get from his pals. One such remark from a student, who called him “Mark Wahlberg,” completely altered the course of his life. Johnson’s life was changed when Mark’s figure, who at the time resembled a Calvin Klein model and was a member of Funky bunch, was compared to his own. Brian went to Texas Tech University to study chemistry after finishing high school. He left school during orientation to work for a medical Company. Brian started working for a pharmaceutical company shortly after that. He earned enough money from there to indulge in pricey outdoor pursuits like snowboarding, which is how he first met the Liver Queen in 2004. The Liver King was leading a different lifestyle before he met Barbara. At the time Brian first met her, Barbara was a dentist. 

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After they started dating, the couple established a prosperous dental practice before deciding to start selling nutritional supplements to maintain Brian’s primitive way of life. After being married, Brian and Barbara had two boys they called the Savage Liver Boys. The Liver King frequently includes pictures of their kids on social media. When Brian’s sons were small, they frequently visited the hospital for a variety of ailments, including. Barbara and Brian needed assistance badly. Brian read the book “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon during that time. That cookbook contests politically correct diet detox foods and nutrition. In essence, The Liver King and his family began adhering to nine ancestral diet trends that amplified 11 current diet trends. After all, we had diets high in processed, low-fat meals, but in the 2010s, the nutritional trends swung the other way, urging people to revert back to the all-natural, whole foods of the past.

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