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Lisette Lee Net Worth, Early Life, Biography, Family, Personal Life, Career

Lisette Lee Net Worth

Lisette Lee is expected to have a $50,000 net worth. Lisette’s acting career did not provide many successes. On the other hand, she developed a romantic relationship with drug dealer David Garett. Together, they used private planes to transport large quantities of marijuana. Together, Lee and Garette would transfer marijuana on commercial flights from Los Angeles to Columbus, Ohio, while Lee obtained the drugs. She is currently incarcerated serving her sentence. After coming on a chartered flight from California, Lee was eventually detained at Port Columbus Airport. She was discovered with two helpers, a bodyguard, and 13 huge suitcases. Authorities reportedly discovered 500 pounds of marijuana within the suitcases. 

Lisette Lee Early Life

Lisette, affectionately known as the “princess of Beverly Hills,” wanted everyone to believe that she had it all, but lies and secrets lay hidden beneath the glitz. Her life was complicated by numerous difficulties, ranging from being a socialite to trafficking drugs. Because of her arrogance, she faked being a wealthy heiress and even went so far as to use a personal plane to smuggle pots. Yoshi Morita and Corinna Lee welcomed Lisette Lee into the world in Seoul, South Korea in 1981.  Her father was a casino magnate who was also Japanese, and her mother was an heiress to the Samsung fortune. Her parents’ social standing prevented them from getting married. 

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Lisette Lee Biography

Celebrated Name:Lisette Lee 
Real Name:Lisette Lee 
Age:42 Years Old 
Date of Birth:20 January 1981 
Birth Place:Seoul, South Korea 
Sexual Orientation:Straight 
Marital Status:Single 
Height:5ft 6Inches
Weight:67 Kg 
Net Worth:$50 Thousand 

Lisette Lee Family

Parents:Mother: Corine Lee Father: Yoshi Morita

Lisette Lee Personal Life

Although little is known about her private life, it is known that she was born on January 1st, 1981, in Seoul, South Korea, and raised in the Beverly Hills district of Los Angeles. Her father was a casino owner and operator who was originally from Korea. After being adopted by a Korean family that knew her real father, Lee was subsequently abandoned by them, but she was then adopted by a different family who moved her and their children to Beverly Hills. After learning that she had been adopted when she was young, Lee began looking for information about her biological parents.  

Lisette Lee Career

Actress Lisette Lee had roles in movies like The Doorman and Fever Dream in the past.  She had also made a name for herself in the entertainment sector as a singer.  Due in large part to her famous position, which helped her win people over, everyone began to believe her claims that she was a member of the extended family. Lee began her career as a socialite before transitioning into narcotics smuggling. She accomplished this by posing as an heiress and going on a private jet to smuggle pots into the nation. over an eight-month period, Lee and her crew were able to carry a significant quantity of marijuana—roughly 7000 pounds—all across the country. Lisette led a shady existence of power and opulence.  She fraudulently claimed to be the Samsung Corporation’s heiress her entire life, up until her arrest for drug trafficking in 2010.  She adopted different personas over the most of her life in order to control others around her. She allegedly even went as far as to kidnap men, set up surveillance, and wiretap her gang of henchmen, “Team LL,” in order to acquire what she wanted.

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She claimed to be a model and a recording artist and that she was delivering goods to her boyfriend, who had a horse farm in Ohio, after being questioned. She would face felony drug charges as well as charges of conspiring to distribute marijuana.  She later admitted to carrying about 7000 pounds of marijuana over 14 trips from Los Angeles to Columbus. BuomGeol Lee and Lauren Lee, friends of her parents’ relatives, adopted Lisette when she was three years old, and they eventually emigrated to the US. Lisette acquired U.S. citizenship on August 9th, 2000.  Although she didn’t receive many awards, she attended school while growing up in Beverly Hills. Before she became referred to as the Pot Princess, she would later hold a number of positions.

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