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Here Are All The Bathroom Renovation Tips You Will Ever Need

Bathrooms are an important part of your home. It’s often the room you spend time in before work every morning and before bed every night, so designing them well is essential. When you’re starting the bathroom renovations, this is what you should keep in mind. 

Set A Budget

No matter how much you do yourself, bathroom renovations aren’t cheap. So remember that you need to set an accurate budget, and stick to it. This way you won’t regret any decisions down the line. Without a good, accurate budget, you might overspend and incur surprising costs you didn’t think of. 

Start With Where the Toilet Goes

The whole layout of your bathroom depends on two things, the toilet and the shower. But the toilet has more complicated plumbing involved, so start off by deciding where it will go, and choose wisely. The toilet will change the mood of your entire bathroom, and the best option is to ensure the toilet isn’t the first thing guests see if your bathroom door is left open, as that’s unpleasant to the eye. 

Use All Your Space

Always consider the amount of space you’re working with before you get started. This is what will inform, you how large your sink will be, how big your shower is, how many storage options there are, and whether you have surprising storage options in addition to the usual under-sink storage, and bathroom mirror storage. 

Focus on Lighting

If you don’t consider lighting, a bathroom can become impractical fast. Thus, it is important to consider both natural and artificial light, as well as how much you need, and how to make it suit the aesthetic of the bathroom itself. The first thing to do is consider natural light first, the more natural light you use, the less your electricity bill will need to be. You also want to make sure anyone doing their makeup in your bathroom mirror has their skin tone reflected correctly back to them, so choose the artificial lights carefully too. 

Don’t Forget the Ventilation

Bathrooms can get damp fast, and this can lead to mould, not just in Australian summers, but winter too. So consider the ventilation needs your space has. The smaller the bathroom is, the better the ventilation needs to be, as the moisture can build up faster. To do this, consider windows for natural ventilation and exhaust fans. Remember, the exhaust fans can make the bathroom colder, so you may need a heater or a heat lamp to offset this. 

Decide on A Bathtub

If you have the space, you will be stuck with the choice of whether or not you want to have a bathtub. If re-selling your home later is your end goal, a bathtub makes your home more alluring, especially to women and people with young children. But if you can think of a better use of the space, and you personally don’t need one, you can forgo the bathtub entirely.  

Future Proof Early

If you want to live in your current home and use the bathroom for a longer period of time, it’s vital to consider how much your life will change in the years to come. If you plan on starting a family, you may need a bathtub, if you think you may need accessibility aids, you may want to consider what can be done to facilitate this. 

Know When To Call Pros

While you probably could do a reno by yourself, it’s important to know when you’re in over your head and if the professionals would do a better job. After all, a badly made bathroom can cost a lot in leaking water and water damage alone. 

If you need bathroom renovations in Melbourne, MW Homes are your best choice. Their experts can help you design the best bathroom for your home. 

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