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Is a $3 billion kidnapping case being filed against Dwayne Johnson?

In Hollywood, dwayne johnson kidnapping scandal image is as spotless as his hairless head. It is practically written into the contracts of the former professional wrestler turned movie star that he cannot lose in a fight.

Put another way, dwayne johnson kidnapping scandal values his public image more than a compelling narrative, and everything that appears on screen has to be consistent with the image he painstakingly crafts off-screen. Therefore, it goes without saying that Johnson’s hard-earned reputation is not going to be well-served by a $3 billion abduction case. 

In fact, dwayne johnson kidnapping scandal reputation took a hit when court records obtained by Snopes showed that the actor was named as a defendant in an abduction case involving Rhaka Khan, a.k.a. Trenesha Biggers, a fellow former pro-WWE wrestler. 

Trenesha Biggers’ kidnapping lawsuit and what it has to do with Dwayne Johnson

When Trenesha Biggers worked for WWE, rhaka khan went under the moniker Rhaka Khan; her career and dwayne johnson kidnapping scandal happened to coincide at the same time. rhaka khan goes by Trenesha Sims and Trenesha Williams, but her last name is Biggers most of the time.

Largers filed a dwayne johnson lawsuit in the Southern District of New York United States District Court on October 8, 2022, alleging the defendants were planning “to kidnap Plaintiff [Biggers] and her two children from Brighter Tomorrows Domestic Violence Shelter.”  

It finds out that Biggers has a past filled with domestic abuse. rhaka khan accused former professional wrestler Kurt Angle, her ex-boyfriend, of domestic abuse in 2009. During the case’s preliminary hearing, the charges were ultimately withdrawn. Biggers had already claimed that Angle had broken a protection order, but that accusation was also dropped.

Ten years later, in 2019, Biggers asserted in her complaint filed in the Southern District of New York United States District Court that Angle encouraged and assisted her in her claims of kidnapping. It turns out that Johnson is one of the hundreds of individuals and organisations mentioned in the case, including Angle. 

In addition, Biggers alleges that while Ephram Sims was on active probation for domestic abuse, he pursued and abducted her together with her two children across state lines. rhaka khan claims that the endeavour was aided by police enforcement and each of the alleged defendants, including dwayne johnson kidnapping scandal. 

Yes, Dwayne Johnson was named as a defendant, but he is not the only celebrity

While dwayne johnson kidnapping scandal is listed as a defendant in Bigger’s $3 billion dwayne johnson lawsuit, neither the written statement of Biggers’ overall position nor the chronology of events mentioned him by name. Rather, she says, dwayne johnson kidnapping scandal is only one of the numerous people and things that law enforcement used to intimidate Biggers. 

There are about 400 identified defendants in all. Many of them appear multiple times in the text, frequently spelt differently or written entirely in capital letters rather than in dwayne johnson lawsuit. Among the hundreds of defendants with names are some of the following: 

  • Eminem
  • Michael Jordan
  • Booker T. Huffman
  • Home Debut
  • Bank of America
  • GAP
  • Universal Studios
  • Sea World
  • Tyra Banks
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Hertz
  • IMAX
  • Warner Brothers
  • Ford
  • T-Mobile
  • Spring
  • Verizon
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Staples
  • Kinkos
  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • USPS
  • McDonald’s
  • Gucci
  • Chanel
  • Taco Bell
  • NBC
  • CNN
  • MTV
  • Fox News
  • Venmo
  • Cash App
  • Petco
  • LA Fitness

Among the universities named are Penn State University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Florida, Harvard, Yale, Florida State University, and University of South Florida. 

The list includes states like Illinois, Colorado, Connecticut, and on and on. Last but not least, Biggers listed the United States of America as a defendant. (In actuality, she is suing the country.) The United States was one of the nations that Biggers referenced more than once; on the second occurrence, the question mark “USA?” appeared.

In 2019, Biggers was named as one of El Paso’s most wanted fugitives, around the time she claimed the entire globe helped and encouraged her kidnapping charges. The accusation? “Tampering with the custody of children.” 

Biggers alleges in the dwayne johnson kidnapping scandal that the El Paso Times misled her into believing she was a wanted person. Along with a 73-point inventory of all that transpired in 2015 and 2016, she also asked for “dwayne johnson lawsuit in the amount of $3 billion dollars.” She wrote her name and drew a little love next to the date, which is October 8, 2022.

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