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Dumpor: The Unidentified Instagram Story Viewer

Dumpor, the anonymous Instagram story viewer, has gained a lot of popularity in recent weeks, so I decided to investigate what all the fuss was about. This is going to be a powerful tool, I could see right away, but if you use it recklessly, it might also put your reputation or safety in jeopardy. Make sure you read these before downloading dumpor.

What Is Dumpor?

With the help of a tool called Dumpor, you can secretly and anonymously watch any Instagram story from anybody. You may also browse someone’s profile or followers while they were online to see who they are following and how many followers they have. Another fantastic tool that allows you stalk locals is the ability to search for users depending on their location! There are a lot of anonymous apps that claim to be private, but none of them are as safe as Dumpor. Due to its complete rewrite using new code and state-of-the-art encryption, Dumpor has unparalleled private capabilities. We never keep data on our servers because of our zero logs policy! 

To download dumpor, please read our terms and conditions. We at Dumpor are very concerned about privacy. Please take care with it. Kindly inform us with any problems you run across and any suggestions you might have!

How to Use It?

Dumpor is an excellent way to view someone’s Instagram pictures without them realising you’re doing it. All Dumpor needs to display their tagged photos and stories, if any, is their username. You may read their followers’ tales and see who they have following them without having to follow them back. If you wish to remain totally anonymous, simply close your browser window. Just one inadvertent click on social media can reveal your identity, but Dumpor is a straightforward app that keeps all of its users safe while they fulfil their demands or goals.  

After all, everyone is aware of the risks involved in following someone on social media! At Dumpoir, we’re dedicated to keeping your information private. Unlike several of our rivals, we vehemently oppose the retention of IP addresses or any other data, including phone numbers or email addresses, that might be used to identify you specifically. Additionally, we encrypt the data on our servers, ensuring that it never leaves our hands.

Why Is It Useful?

A lot of people want to secretly follow others or their ex-partners. They still want to be able to see what they are doing on social media, even though they don’t want them to know that they are doing it. Feeling hurt and wanting vengeance are often added elements as well. With Dumpoir, you may access your ex’s Instagram stories and photos without their knowing for free. It is totally anonymous as there is no requirement to join up. You can make sure you don’t miss any by using categories to look for pictures from friends and family or from other fascinating locations like cities, neighbourhoods, etc. 

Users can receive real-time alerts through push notifications, making sure they never miss anything important. You can avoid having a heap of clutter while checking things over because it searches by profiles directly from a user’s phone book, which only happens with authorization from the user. This allows you to view user accounts that are not yet registered. 

Push notifications are sent to users instantaneously when they are followed back! This function works similarly to notifications on Tinder or Twitter, except it’s always available on mobile devices! Users can explore location articles that have been specially identified anonymously using a map interface! In response to consumer requests for more safety features, we plan to provide a face recognition capability soon, so they do not appear their name on screen!


With the help of the free, private, and anonymous Instagram reader Dumpor, you may browse accounts and stories without disclosing who you are. Dumpor allows you to search Instagram users by location or tag to view all of their stories that have been saved or shared in the past day. You may also view every user’s profile and followers for free on Dumpor. Using Dumpoir to visit Instagram discreetly is easy! Why Is Dumpor Used? Use the drawing, video, and photo features to share your story with others in private. and view other Instagram users’ stories without letting them know you’re doing so while they’re not following you. 


When combined, many of Dumpor’s features—which individually might not seem all that dangerous—can be quite dangerous. For example, viewing someone’s profile anonymously makes it easier to follow and follow them. Similarly, while manually tagging locations (i.e., taking a photo from one location and posting it with another location-tagged) will not reveal that location’s username or profile picture to others, geolocation enables you to tag multiple locations on photos as part of a story for other viewers to see. 

If these technologies are used maliciously by third parties, users could suffer severe consequences. In addition to security issues, adopting these technologies carries privacy dangers because the majority of users utilise Instagram stories publicly.


With Dumpor, you can browse other people’s accounts, stories, and tagged postings in an anonymous manner. With Dumpor, you can also do anonymous searches for profiles or tags. The app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store. Install it right away to protect your privacy! Your surroundings will be much more fascinating and mysterious.

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