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Alien Gear ShapeShift

The 1947 space alien landing location, Roswell, New Mexico, is about six hours away from where we live. They use the little green man as a symbol of their town; I have visited there. A man who lives close to our little town swears in a book that he was abducted by aliens. Who better to assess Alien Gear ShapeShift than the earthbound holster maker, especially with all of this near-by alien activity?

They actually make all different sorts of holsters and are based in the State of Idaho, City of Post Falls, in the United States of America. The Alien Gear Holsters System is the one I’m testing. Given that it may be altered to become an ankle, shoulder, backpack strap or inside the waistband holster, the term is appropriate. All you need is the appropriate modules and the ShapeShift Core. Let’s examine the mechanism in more detail.

Alien Gear ShapeShift Core

The Alien Gear ShapeShift system revolves around a handgun-specific shell. It is composed of two main components made of a strong polymer. The system’s trigger guard is fastened to the adjustable retention unit on one side of the unit. 

ShapeShift Base

The “shift shell” is fastened to the holster connector for Inside the Waist Band (IWB) use using a set of twist locks. These are hard plastic locking devices that marry up the various sections into the version you want. These are not twist ties; save those for your bag of chips. My M&P 9mm full size shell effortlessly transforms from an IWB to a pack strap rig when I hike into the woods, where snakes—which I detest—may have two, four or no legs.

A sizable paddle with two belt clips serves as the IWB use’s foundation. Before drawing your pistol, you may fully grasp its frame because the base has been removed. Indeed, I have witnessed people struggling with their handguns because the holster they selected lacked this particular feature. With inferior holsters, unfavourable results can arise from trembling, wet, or cold hands, or from a grip that isn’t fully extended.

The belt clips made by Alien Gear ShapeShift  are sturdy! They may actually be worn with trousers that don’t have a belt, however I wouldn’t advise it. The holster’s putting instructions specifically address the clips’ robustness. It is advised that you begin with an unloaded gun until you are extremely comfortable with the rig, which is sage advice.

Donning The ShapeShift

After assembling the IWB kit and using the previously unloaded rifle, it is recommended that you leave your trousers unzipped and unbuttoned. Slide the rig to the desired location by inserting it in the front of your jeans and sliding it around. Then tighten your belt by snapping the clips over it, fastening it, and remembering to zip it up. Make sure the holster is in the proper position by giving it a little tug.

Before you load up and cover up, I implore you to try some draws with a UNLOADED gun. Before taking to the streets, every new holster requires some dry fire training. Additionally, now is the time to make the explicitly stated adjustments to the ride height, cant, and retention.

After getting acquainted with the equipment by walking, running, bending over, climbing up, and doing any other necessary tasks, proceed to load up. When holstering, take care to prevent clothing or other objects from becoming trapped in the trigger guard, just like you would with any other Alien Gear ShapeShift. Remember that there is no award for being the “fastest reholsterer” on the range or in the streets. A painful, filthy hole in your leg and an abrupt, loud boom could be your prize if you are not careful.

Removing The ShapeShift

It’s not in the instructions, but I’ve discovered that I have to take the gun out, take off my belt, unzip and button the Alien Gear ShapeShift, and slide it to the front. There’s no way I could attempt anything else because the clips lock onto my trousers with such a firm grip. However, I would like the holster to be too tight than too loose. 

Test Run

Mostly IWB, I have been carrying concealed firearms for more than 50 years. I can say with certainty that the Alien Gear ShapeShift is the most ergonomic holster available. I like to carry within the waistband of jackets because I think they look better than hip-length coats. Like anything else, there are elements about this system that I truly like and things that I don’t care about.

I adore this outfit’s concealment, grip access, retention adjustment, and comfort. Neither the cant nor the ride height required adjustment, thus those were not problems. I did have a small concern with the base’s footprint, which is explained below.

As it is late autumn and the weather is chilly, I suggest potentially problematic. I sweat when it becomes hot instead of perspiring like other people do! (My wife only seems to “glow” in warm, muggy weather.) In the monsoon season, when humidity is at its highest, I have managed to pour water out of a boot and wring water out of a t-shirt. To find out how the system functions for me in that regard, I will have to wait until the next rainy season.


In my opinion, the Alien Gear ShapeShift Holster is a winner. I’ve worn it cleaning the house, loading and unloading stuff from my pickup bed, and even getting down on my hands and knees to clean up a 20-foot-long glue spill on a recently installed wood floor! In competition, I have also utilised this setup, and I did not noticeably draw my gun from it any more slowly than I would have from an outside-the-waistband holster where I did not need to lift my shirt. My M&P did not move, but it did draw quickly on the range.

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