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How to Download from Instagram Video and Photo using Fastdl

Fastdl is an online website portal which guides you how to download instagram Photos, Videos, Reels, and IGTV videos. Fastdl is very well planned to be used on any device because the user interface is very simple and easily used on any device like tablet, Phone, and Computer.

How to download from instagram?

We need to obey these three steps to save images, videos,and reels from instagram: 

Copy the URL 

When we want to save any picture, video, IGTV, Reels we copy the URL that is shown at the top of the app or website where we are login. 

Paste the URL

Now open the Fastdl application and paste the link that we are copying from instagram into blank space and press the Download button. 


Now you can see a list of image quality options. You can choose your option and download that fits you.   

Fastdl Features

Photos Downloader

Instagram downloader prepared by Fastdl is a valuable tool. We can use it for saving pictures from instagram posts. With the help of the Fastdl tool we can save or download any single image or bulk of images. 

Videos Downloader

Instagram Video Download Fastdl is prepared to allow you to download instagram videos by using your personal page. Fastdl helps you download videos from instagram for singular video and bulk videos.  

IGTV Downloader

In this type we can download instagram video lengthy videos easily. Suppose for the time being we are busy and have no time to watch a complete video so we can download it through Fastdl and watch this lengthy video as we want. When we download it we can watch without the need to be online. 

Reels Downloader

Reels is a unique video platform that looks like Tiktok. We can download instagram reels videos by using Fastdl. This instagram Reel downloader can provide you a facility to download any video that you want. 

Carousel / Album Downloader

Carousel, also called Album or Gallery, posts types with bulk images and videos, or mixed stuff. If you want to download bulk images and videos from instagram. So, Fastdl is the best tool to download instagram gallery. 

Here we are discussing sssInstagram,this platform gives you an opportunity to save any images and videos without restrictions. The best opportunity of this tool is when we save any photo and video, we do not need to resize the quality of the photo because the quality should be the same. Using sssInstagram we can save ten images with a single click by copy-paste the url. Get the finest quality instagram downloads by using sssInstagram

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