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Facts About HAC Aldine

You can view the academic records of your children as well as other parental resources through the Home view Centre (HAC Aldine), a parental portal.

This article explains the purpose of the Home Access Centre portal and how to make the most of it. You’ll be able to oversee your kids’ academic progress and much more in this way.

HAC Aldine

The Aldine ISD has created a new parental portal that makes it simple to get academic data about children. To complete your registration, simply create a HAC Aldine account, answer the Challenge Questions, and wait for an email to arrive. Your login credentials will be included in the email so you may use the Home Access Centre by Aldine to access the students’ data. Note: In order to create a HAC Aldine account, your email address needs to be linked to your child’s school.

What Can You Do With HAC Aldine?

This section details all the things you can do on Aldine ISD using that Home Access Centre account. You may see a tonne of the student’s academic information in the Home Access Centre. However, what kinds of details are visible to you? Let’s examine each of HAC Aldine by Aldine’s features and familiarise you with what the Acess Centre has to offer.

The Home Access Center

The interface where you may view the students’ grades, courses, assignments, attendance, report card, transcript, and much more is visible when you visit the Hac Aldine website. 

When you visit the HAC Aldine page, the first item you see is the Home Access Centre Menu. There are tabs for Home, Attendance, Classes (schedule and assignments), Grades, Registration, and User Options that you will see.

Guardian of Multiple Students?

One click will allow you to quickly move from one student to another if you are a guardian of multiple students. To select which student’s information you wish to examine, click the Change Student option.

Attendance Month View Page

You can check your child’s monthly attendance using the Month View page if you think they haven’t been going to class on a regular basis. Simply click on Attendance > Month View to get started.

To swap months, you may also use the >> and \\ arrows at the top.

Calendar Pages

The monthly view of the student’s class assignments, class events, and activity events is available on the Calendar page in the Aldine Home Access Centre. 

By selecting the Home > Calendar tab, you may get to the Calender Page. Additionally, you can choose which content to display on the screen by filtering it. 

Classwork Pages

All of the assignments that students have turned in and their grades from instructors and professors may be seen on the Classwork Page. To view the Classwork Page, select Classes from the Home Access Centre menu.

The assignments are available to see in various formats. There are two ways to see them: using the competency option, which displays the assignments by Competency Groups, or viewing them by Class. 

You can also view assignments by the due date using another option. Click Order > Date Due > Refresh View to select this option. The Classwork Page also offers options for seeing assignment details, course attachments, and coursework details.

Page of Demographics

All of the student’s personal and basic information is contained on the Demographic Page. Name, birthdate, gender, language, grade, and teacher, for instance. By selecting the Edit option and then clicking Save, you may also make changes to this data.

To view the Demographic page, select the Registration tab from the Home Access Centre menu.

Page of the Interim Progress Report

To see the student’s most recent Interim Progress Report, visit the IRP page. The Interim Progress Report—what is it even?

A report known as an IRP includes all of the student’s essential course information, including the course name, description, class periods, rooms, and much more. By selecting the Grades tab, you can get to the Interim Progress Page.

Report card page

This page displays the most recent Report Card. Everything you need to know about your child’s performance, including grades, attendance, and courses completed, is all on this page.

A grading scale that explains each grade in terms of the aggregate % is also provided to parents’ convenience. 

To view the Report Card page on the HAC Aldine menu, select Grades > Report Card. You can quickly examine the prior report cards by clicking on the card that comes before. (If accessible)

Page of School Links

Using the various resources that will be helpful to both you and the student is the main purpose of the School Links Page. Click on any text that has a link that may be clicked, such as this one, to be taken to the related site. 

On the HAC Aldine menu, select Home > School Links to view the School Links Page. 

Test Scores Page

Parents look for the Test Scores Page above all others. Every parent is interested in learning about their child’s progress, particularly in relation to exams and graded assessments. 

This page includes all test-related information, including test date, test results, test content, etc. Clicking on Grades > Test Scores will take you to the Test Scores Page.

Page of Transcripts

All of the academic performance data for the student is available on the transcript page. This information pertains to both your child’s past and present performance. 

You get access to a list of every course they have completed thus far, as well as their credits, grades, GPA, and scores. You can access the student’s personal information on this page as well, saving you from having to navigate to another website: birthdate, phone number, etc.

You can also group the outcomes of the courses by Term, Report Card Run, Year, and Subject Area on the Transcript Page. By selecting Grades > Transcript from the HAC Aldine menu, you can get to the Transcript Page. 

Week View Listing

All of the information regarding assignments, discipline incidents, course averages, scheduling, and attendance is shown on the Week View Page. The information is grouped weekly, which is why it’s named the Week View Page. You can see, for instance, all the pertinent data for the current week. 

Moreover, data pertaining to not just this week but also the weeks prior is displayed. On this page, class schedule information is also provided.

You can quickly reach the Week View Page by clicking the Home button; the page will appear there.

My Account 

To provide you with all the information about your HAC Aldine account, a page dedicated to seeing your child’s data was necessary. This is the My Account tab. You may access your personal data, modify your password or username, and do a lot more with this tab.

You must hover your username above the HAC Aldine gateway and select My Account in order to access the My Account option.

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Forgot Your HAC Aldine Password? Here’s What to Do

For people who have forgotten their Home Access Centre password, this section is for them. Let us assist you in regaining access to the Aldine Home Access Centre.

In the event that you have forgotten your password or username, you must adhere to these instructions precisely in order to retrieve your account.

You must select Forgot My User Name or Password as your initial action. 

The next step is to enter the username or the email address (as listed in the school record). A recovery email will be sent to your registered email address once you enter this information. 

After clicking the link in the email the school issued you, take these actions:

  • To reset your Home Access Centre, click on 
  • After responding to the Challenge questions, click “Continue.”
  • The My Account page will appear if the gateway accepts the response.
  • Enter a new password in the Change Password area and click Proceed to Home Access Centre. 

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