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Facts about Cosmic Values

You’ve come to the right site if you play Pet Simulator X and want to learn more about cosmic values or gain insight into the PSX or Pet Simulator X cosmic value list. We will discuss the most recent changes to Cosmic Values and Pet Simulator X Pets Values in this extensive guide.


Players of Pet Simulator X commonly determine the value of their pets using the incredible Cosmic Values platform. The Cosmic Values website is dependable and updated frequently, so players can rely on it. Pet Simulator X players can keep tabs on their progress and acquire the most latest information from the Cosmic Values website. The Cosmic Value list is meticulously updated by a dedicated team, ensuring that the data is accurate. The Cosmic Values Discord bot (CVB) is another helpful resource that enables players to view the value list and request assistance from the staff. Cosmic Values is a vital resource for Pet Simulator X gamers who desire to succeed, all things considered.

Important information about Cosmic Values

  • Cosmic Values Psx is a reference and not the last word on pet values. On the basis of market patterns and player interactions, it delivers estimated values.
  • For the most recent information on pet and booth values, it is advisable to frequently visit the Cosmic Values Psx website.
  • To learn about any crucial news or developments, stay in touch with the Cosmic Values Psx community on social media.
  • To get a deeper grasp of pet values, it is advised to check out additional websites like PetSimX Values.

How to use cosmic values website 

For access to the Cosmic Values Psx platform, you must visit their website. Once it is accessed, the homepage will feature a number of menus or options. There are three ways to access the Cosmic Values Psx website:

Access Check

Before utilising Cosmic Values Psx, make sure the web connection is secure. Look for a little padlock icon in the address bar of your browser to ensure that your data is secure. This symbol indicates a connection that is safe and secure.

Discovering Values

On the Cosmic Values website, which lists pet values, you can search for any pet and get its current worth in the game.

Booth Values

The team is trying to provide booth values for all pets as the Cosmic Value platform continues to develop. You can learn more about the pet’s current value with this feature.

Cosmic Values and Social Media 

You can check out the Cosmic Values social media channels to remain current on the latest news. By sharing updates and interacting with users, the website actively participates in the PetSimX community. Join their Discord server and follow Cosmic Value on Twitter to take part in conversations and share information about the game.

Cosmic Values and VS Competitors

In addition to other websites like PetSimX Values, cosmic values pet sim x is an excellent place to go for the most recent Pet Simulator X updates. To have a more comprehensive idea of pet valuations, it is advisable to visit different websites as each platform has its own distinct features and advantages. 

Cosmic Values Beyond Pet Simulator X 

It’s important to note that the phrase “Cosmic Value” is not just related to Pet Simulator X. It also alludes to the “Cosmic Odyssey” cosmic values pet sim x book series. The main emphasis of this manual is Pet Simulator X’s cosmic values pet sim x.

Cosmic Values ancient Pets List

  • Ancient Doge – Gem Value: 1T
  • Golden Ancient Doge – Gem Value: 5T
  • Rainbow Ancient Doge – Gem Value: 2.5T 

Cosmic Values Mythic Pets List

  • Mythic Bunny – Gem Value: 500B
  • Golden Mythic Bunny – Gem Value: 2.5T
  • Rainbow Mythic Bunny – Gem Value: 1.5T

Cosmic Values Legendary Pets List

  • Legendary Dragon – Gem Value: 100B
  • Golden Legendary Dragon – Gem Value: 500B
  • Rainbow Legendary Dragon – Gem Value: 250B

Cosmic Values Rare Pets List

  • Rare Unicorn – Gem Value: 10B
  • Golden Rare Unicorn – Gem Value: 50B
  • Rainbow Rare Unicorn – Gem Value: 25B

Cosmic Values Unique Pets List

  • Unique Fox – Gem Value: 1B
  • Golden Unique Fox – Gem Value: 5B
  • Rainbow Unique Fox – Gem Value: 2.5B


What are cosmic values in a pet simulator X? 

In Pet Simulator X, pets are given pet sim x cosmic values to reflect their rarity and attractiveness. These numbers represent the relative gem value of various types of pets.

Are the cosmic values mentioned in the article accurate and up to date?

The article’s pet sim x cosmic values were correct at the time it was written, but it’s crucial to remember that game developers may change or update these numbers in subsequent updates. It is advised to confirm the most recent values either within the game or via official community channels.

What is the significance of different pet categories? 

In pet sim x cosmic values, different levels of rarity and power are represented by pet categories including Titanic, Ancient, Mythic, Legendary, Rare, and Unique. The pets within a category rise in value and desirableness as they do so.

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Each pet in Pet Simulator X has a unique cosmic value reflecting its rarity and desirability, and the game offers a broad variety of them. For several pet classifications, including Titanic, Ancient, Mythic, Legendary, Rare, and Unique, the article offered pet sim x cosmic values. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that these numbers could alter over time as a result of game updates and balancing changes. In order to accurately determine the value of pets in Pet Simulator X, players should stay up to speed with the most recent information, either through the game or through official sources.

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