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Citytime Login: Navigation of Login

Dear Readers: If you work for the City of New York, you must use citytime login nyc to track your hours. You can do this by visiting the website and electronically entering your working hours. Additionally, you can online request approval for overtime and leave. You can use this blog as a login guide for citytime login nyc. 

What is NYC Citytime?

The time spent on each task is calculated and recorded by the website, citytime login nyc city time login. To cut down on lag time and increase output, the City of New York uses a timekeeping system. This system is known as the Citytime Web clock. Users can check the time right now and set alarms for future appointments by logging into the website. It was created to make it easier to keep accurate records on the working hours of city employees.

Only specific hours are permitted for employees who are entitled to overtime compensation under the Fair Labour Standards Act (FLSA) and/or collective bargaining agreements. Any job performed outside of their regular business hours must receive authorization in accordance with the policies.

Since its first launch in 2009, more than 100,000 city employees have used it. It has won numerous awards for its accuracy and timekeeping abilities.

The City time Web Clock system can be useful in planning for and responding to emergencies.

Citytime login nyc Portal access

My Citytime Account – CityTime Login NYC Citytime login page: It’s difficult for you to locate the CityTime Login NYC Page. Web Time usage with CityTime DCD is still prohibited.

Please continue utilising the CityTime Web Clock to log your time in, time out, food in, and meal out till further notice. CityTime Warning. March 15, 2020 The CityTime Data Collection Device (DCD) shall no longer be used by Agencies to track time punches and lunch breaks.

After reading the entire post, you shouldn’t experience any problems logging into CityTime.

NYC Citytime Requirements for Login

  • You’ll need the following details to sign into your CityTime NYC account: –
  • Visit the official CityTime login page.
  • You must have access to the Internet.
  • You should have a smartphone, laptop, or desktop with you.
  • Login with the proper credentials to Citytime Webclock.
  • Nyc Citytime’s New York City Employee Login Page
  • Anywhere there is an internet connection, you can access Citytime login using a laptop, iPad, or home computer.
  • By clicking the link in the Citytime login page URL, you can access the official Citytime NYC login page at web clock
  • Click the link to open a new tab. This will enable you to read the rest of the manual or, if necessary, to proceed to the troubleshooting procedures.

Please click on the following link to access this website:

  • A guide is available if you need assistance accessing the website.
  • If you are having problems accessing the website, please refer to our troubleshooting guidelines.
  • A826-Ra.Dep.Nyc.Gov Prod.Citytime.Nycnet or prod.citytime.nycnet registration
  • Time management is possible for website visitors from NYC.

Benefits of the NYC Login Portal

The NYC website offers a variety of services, including checking leave balances, requesting time off, and viewing staff schedules. With CityTime, you can check and manage your time, leave requests, and leave balances. There is a wealth of information on the CityShare employee website for citytime login nyc.

It can only be accessible through the City’s network; not from your PCs. Through the DoE Payroll Portal, users of the Ministry of Education can access an internal portal.

Trouble shooting for failure of NYC Citytime Login

You can check if you are unable to. Please refer to the login guidelines.

  • To access the CityTime website, go to
  • Please provide your phone number, email address, or Skype ID.
  • Choose “Continue”
  • Follow these instructions to log in successfully.

How to reset the password on the NYC portal

Are you having trouble remembering your CityTime Login password? Become calmer

  • Simply adhere to the instructions below to rapidly reset your password.
  • Visit to reach the CityTime Login Page.
  • To access “Can’t access your account?” click.
  • Choose the account that currently applies the most.
  • Your complete password should be reset.

What advantages does utilising NYC CityTime WebClock offer?

  • Features like Clock Out and Easy Clock In are available on the NYC CityTime WebClock. It can be used on any desktop with an internet connection.
  • easy production of reports
  • TimeCards do not have to be manually submitted by agents.
  • The NYC CityTime website is immediately updated after each time punch.
  • Managers may easily track and check the number of hours worked and overtime expenses incurred by employees.

Access CityTime at

Employees are able to manage their time and perform other tasks through the citytime login nyc interface. Workers could check

  • Their timetables,
  • They ask to view their remaining balance before they leave.

Only users of the Citytime nyc network have access to the portal for City-Share employees. It is inaccessible to employees from their homes.

Another platform, the DOE Salary platform, is accessible to ministry employees. The Estub is not available to all employees.

How to install the NYC citytime login App

The NYC citytime app’s login process only requires a few easy steps.

  • Download the application from Google Play.
  • Tap the “login” button to open the app.
  • Enter your login details.
  • Tape the “login” button once more.
  • After signing in, the app is now available.

How Do You Submit A Timesheet For City Time?

  • Click the Calendar icon to select the DATE.
  • Make “Add Punch” the alteration type that you choose.
  • There are options for “In and Out,” “Meal Start,” “Meal Finish,” and Punch Type.
  • It’s time to throw a punch.
  • Select the proper motive.
  • Fill out the comment form completely.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • How can I tell if I’ve used my citytime login nyc Webclock login?
  • By clicking the Calendar button, choose the DATE.
  • As the modification type, pick “Add Punch”.
  • The “In, Out, and Meal Start, Meal End” punch type should be selected.
  • Enter Punch Time now.
  • Select the appropriate defence.
  • Include any pertinent comments.
  • Press “Submit.”

The procedure is complete. I hope this will be useful to you.

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